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Explore South Devon

Welcome to South devon is a great place to explore and has the stunning English Riviera, situated on the South Devon coastline in sheltered Torbay. Paignton is very popular with families and couples looking for a quiet break. Paignton is the central town of Torbay, comprising, Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.

Explore South Devon
The English Riviera - The perfect choice.

The English Riviera is a resort in the truest sense of the word, attracting visitors of all ages and interests throughout the year. Undergoing a water front regeneration and a number of new attraction and accommodation schemes, Torquay has something for everyone and for all ages, at all times of the year!

Torquay has been one of the UK 's top holiday destinations since Victorian Times when the gentry promenaded, bathing huts were wheeled down to the beaches and anyone who was anyone had an attractive villa overlooking the sea.

It was the Victorians who first used the Riviera name to describe their favourite resort and their legacy remains to this day with sparkling white villas perched on the verdant hilltops, beautiful gardens around the seafront and elegant Victorian facades along the main streets.

Don't be fooled by the Victorian ancestry however, Torquay is also a vibrant and forward thinking resort attracting visitors of all interests, from Art and Culture aficionados to marine enthusiasts.

Torquay's famous seven hills provide the backdrop to a waterfront scene that matches anything you'll find on the French Riviera.

Explore Torquay

Exploring Totnes Castle and Berry Pomeroy Castle.

There are regular ferry rides from Dartmouth to Totnes, one of Totnes's major attractions is Totnes castle which is the embodiment of past civilizations and a surviving remnant of the Norman motte-and-bailey castle that reflects a rich heritage. The castle has some splendid views of the River Dart and the surrounding town, at your own leisure you can enjoy a walk to the nearby Totnes Guildhall that is a surviving example of medieval ages.

Just 2 miles away is Berry Pomeroy Castle set in a woodland setting that is shrouded with many tales and folklore's, when wandering around the site of the old castle and manor house, take in the atmosphere, and try to imagine the intrigue and skulduggery that went on during its heyday, and then maybe, just maybe, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of the many ghosts that patrol the walls. For anybody with an interest in history, this is a must.

Explore Dartmouth

Devonport Dockyard.

Devonport Dockyard is the biggest naval port in Europe , and used by military ships on a daily basis. So you might spot a nuclear submarine or a huge warship coming or going from the harbour. But the Navy doesn't monopolise the port: it's a hub of activity, witnessing everything from international sailing championships to ferry departures, as well as a whole range of water sport enthusiasts.

It's no wonder this is the South West's most important harbour. If you've a passion for water sport, you're certainly in the right place. The Plymouth Breakwater creates a vast area of protected ocean that couldn't be more perfect for water sports. You can sail, dive, canoe, cruise, and even water-ski. If you're not feeling energetic, you can take a boat trip up the coast or across the channel to France.

Explore Plymouth

Famous castles in Dartmoor National Park.

Every castle in Dartmoor National Park has an interesting folk lore attached to it, some romantic myths and some ghostly truths, but whatever it is, Castle's make a great attraction. At Okehampton, you can see the relics of Dartmoor's largest castle. This castle has been rated as the most romantic ruin in the country, it is a paradise for lovers, so couples can enjoy exploring the castles hand in hand, the caves, small streams, dense foliage, natural wild flowers make an enchanting trip.

This journey is a romantic adventure. Launceston also has many castles some dating back to a thousand years. These castles are the symbols of English heritage and have interesting historical events related to them. Castle Drogo in Drewsteingnton is a famous castle, attracting huge numbers of tourists. This castle is quite high and is a great place for a family picnic with spectacular scenery in the backdrop of castle.

Explore Dartmoor

Drake's famous Golden Hind.

Stroll in the opposite direction and you will see a replica of Drake's famous Golden Hind and farther around will be the Marina, leading onto Breakwater beach and the Breakwater itself. On a warm day, watch the seagulls glide up the breakwater on thermals enjoying themselves, or the fishermen lined up to catch a sea monster of their own.

Brixham is a true maritime town, with a rich heritage; it is surrounded by superb landscape and wooded cliffs reaching to the sea on one side and the steep cliffs of Berry Head to the other. Kingswear, Dartmouth , Churston and the South Hams are all very close and may be reached by a short drive. Alternatively the South West Coast path runs right through Brixham!

Explore Brixham

Paignton - The Perfect Family Choice.

Paignton is traditionally known as a family holiday resort. Why? Simply because of its beaches and friendly atmosphere. Like all of Torbay, Paignton was frequented by Victorians and some of the architecture still remains. Parts of Paignton can be found in the Doomsday book and has been a small fishing port in years gone by. The sea once lapped at where the railway crossing now is, until reclaimed.

Marldon, a mile behind Paignton beyond the hills is a very old village and stills hold that community atmosphere, with their own country fayre, pubs and village shops. It is from this area that Paignton spread out and down to the bay area. Winner Street being one of the first streets to develop as a trading area behind Palace Avenue and Paignton Church. Many visitors never reach this area, but is well worth walking around. There are small shops, restaurants and Palace Avenue Theatre.

Explore Paignton

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